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Patient Centred Dentistry

When you come to our dental practice, you’ll experience a warm and inviting reception. We’re dedicated to collaborating closely with you to enhance your smile and boost your confidence. Our outstanding patient relationships are a point of pride for us; everyone addresses us by our first names, knowing that we’re always attentive to their concerns and committed to providing the best possible assistance.

We prioritize the comfort of our patients and are committed to providing clear explanations of their treatment options, allowing them to make informed decisions based on their individual needs, lifestyle, and budget. Our strong belief in the importance of dental health awareness and prevention drives our emphasis on preventive dentistry, enabling you to proactively avoid potential issues.

Recognizing that many patients aspire to enhance their smiles, we offer a diverse range of procedures, including tooth whitening, smile transformations using veneers, composite bonding, and crowns. We provide cosmetic tooth straightening through options like Cfast with discreet white brackets and wires, as well as Invisalign, a removable appliance, all designed to help you achieve the smile you desire. To make a beautiful smile accessible to everyone, we also offer an interest-free credit program, subject to specific terms and conditions.


We are dental care with best experience for dental health

We’ve carefully selected our dental health team for their genuine passion for interacting with individuals and delivering the highest level of care to each patient. Our primary goal is to offer you an exceptional smile transformation journey and assist you in attaining a self-assured, vibrant smile that fills you with pride.

Caring, Dedicated Team

Expect to receive the same level of care and consideration that we would extend to a cherished member of our own family. Our team comprises individuals selected for their compassionate demeanour, all deeply committed to ensuring that your visits to our practice are marked by the utmost standard of care. Whether it’s our dental health advisors, hygienists, therapists, dentists, or receptionists, each member of our team is dedicated to taking the time required to attentively listen to your concerns and address them in a manner that suits your unique needs.

Prevention Based Approach

At our practice, you’ll receive a genuinely warm and friendly reception upon your arrival. We are committed to collaborating closely with you to enhance your confidence in your smile. Our exceptional patient relationships are a point of pride; everyone addresses us by our first names and is aware of our dedication to carefully listening to any concerns they may have, always striving to provide the utmost assistance.

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Mahesh Nagpal

BDS Delhi 1991 Statutory Exam 2010
(GDC: 100880)

Mahesh completed his Bachelors of Dental Surgery from Delhi University in 1990. For 26 years he established and maintains a multi-specialists private practice in New Delhi.

Jamie qualified from Cardiff Dental School in 1996. Following completing his Vocational Training in a practice in Cardiff he did jobs in hospital in oral surgery and practices in Swansea and Aberdare before opening his own practice in Aberdare in 2001.

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